We are a creative design company base in Malaysia with professional and qualified Graphic Designers. With a diploma in graphic design and more than 10 years experience. We understand the importance of colour, space, typography, photo shooting, layout, illustration, packaging, computer skill and techniques. We provide a wide range of services and creative design consultation and solutions for our client. We design logo, company profile, product catalogue, website, packaging, promotional material, advertisement and more.

PTLow Management Logo, Name Card, Letterhead Design by Jet Creative Design Malaysia

Corporate / Company Identity

Corporate / Company Identity consist of logo, name card, letterhead, envelope and all others related design that can carry your Corporate / Company Identity.  Is the most important part and the start of your business. Good Corporate / Company Identity is easy to remember, easy to recognise, simple, and have its own message and meaning.

Barista Coffee Web Design by Jet Creative Design Malaysia

Web Design

Web Site has become the most important tools for your business. With the advance technology today, while you are introducing yourself by giving your name card to the potential customer, they will immediately browse your website with their mobile phone, pad or other internet connected device. The speed of today's business has become so fast that is not the same as before anymore. Your website has become the main company profile for your customer to know and to have confidence in doing business with you. So, start investing in your website today and get even more customers worldwide.

CBi Company Profile Design by Jet Creative Design Malaysia
Company Profile (Outside)

Company Profile

Company Profile is the offline profile that is able to present your company to your client.  Your company profile must be able to grant your client a confidence, stable, and reliable image. Company profile should showcase all of your strength, rewards, background, milestone, products, services and contacts. Invest in Company Profile design is just as you invest in your products or services, is an important tool to carry your company image and branding in the marketplace. Especially aster your discussion with your client, you will leave a copy of your company profile to them to flip and read through. If your company profile is just a binding A4 booklet, the confidence of your client to your company will surely drop.

Canon CD Box Design by Jet Creative Design Malaysia
Starter Kit Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Packaging Design is a must for those who are selling products either on the shelf or direct marketing. The priority of packaging design is it have to be able to protect the merchandise inside the packaging, then the visual must be able to talk by itself, just imagine your product is sitting on the shelf with others hundreds of products, why the customers must choose and buy your product?  A good packaging design will able to convince the customers to buy it.

Barista Coffee Catalogue Design by Jet Creative Design Malaysia
Catalogue (Outside)

Product Catalogue

Product Catalogue is a catalogue with a list of your products. This catalogue mainly is to showcase your customers / clients what you have in your company. Is an essential tool you need to showcase your range of products. It is straight forward, with categories, range, specifications, price and pictures. Before your clients / customers look at the actual products, the catalogue is a glance for them to decide what they will get. It's a really useful tool to capture even more customer that is out of your range to reach them.

Menu Design by Jet Creative Design Malaysia

Menu Design

Menu Design is a must to invest for a coffee shop or restaurant.  Before customers order their food, a decent looking menu will simply stir up their appetite.  Where else a cheap looking menu will definitely take an opposite result.  Most of the time a good menu, with a beautiful and seductive looking food photos will convey up the standard and quality of the food before the customers even taste it.  Many also are able to divert the customers to try the food you want them to try and conduct them to taste the food you want them to taste.  Menu design, is the key to introduce your food to your customers without too much introduction from your server.  We will steer you through while designing your menu on how and what to put on the menu.

Happyology Branding Conceptual Graphic Design by Jet Creative Design Malaysia

Signage Design

Signage Design is part of the Corporate / Company Identity. Is an important way to brand yourself outdoor or indoor. Especially works well for the retailer.  Whenever people drive pass or walk pass, they can ensure your signage outstandingly among others.  Also, it conveys your corporate / company image as well. The more outlets you have, the more branding and market positioning you have.  Most of the giant company does this to get them self everywhere.  Some even sponsor their distributors or agents signage fee just to make their brand and image up in that area. Example beer company, cigarette company, tires company, a soft drinks company and etc...

UniRazak Booklet Design by Jet Creative Design

Newsletter / Magazine / Publication Design

Newsletter / Magazine / Publication Design is for a company, university, corporate to establish them self in the market to maintain their loyal customers, to make them self specialist in their field, or to attract more customer to them.  The newsletter is to communicate with customer on daily news, new products / projects, natural processes.  Where else others kind of publication will bear their own purpose in captures their own market.  Normally it will be very specific and major in certain fields.  For those who are specialized in their line of business, is a good way to stamp their self in the International market through publication.

Haagen Dazs Leaflet Design by Jet Creative Design Malaysia

Leaflet / Flyer Design

Leaflet / Flyer Design is a low cost way to publicize and spread out the information of your company products and services.  It can drop to a mailbox or it can communicate to the visitors walk pass.  It is urged that the leaflet / flyer can include any promotional discount for the customers, if not it will be another piece of rubbish in the trash bin.  Leaflet / flyer need to apply and plan it wisely, most of the people today has become irritating by the mash junk leaflet / flyer in their mailbox.  So a successful leaflet / flyer is able to catch the attention and make the customers keep it.

SMITA Bunting Design by Jet Creative Design

Banner / Bunting Design

Banner / Bunting Design is widely used for exhibition, grand opening, promotion and etc.  Is part of the promotional stuff.  These designs need to be simple and easy to read.  If not it will scarcely be another ignorance advertisement along the roadside or in the exhibition.  We always design banner / bunting in an effective manner to capture the attention of the viewer and to spread the message easily.  Is always a good choice for exhibition due to it is easy to carry and lay up.

elegant Wood Manufacturer Vehicle Graphic Design by Jet Creative Design Malaysia

Vehicle Graphic

Vehicle Graphic is an ideal advisement for low budget companies with efficient results. It can take the company branding / image wherever the vehicle is travelling.  Example, when handing over the goods or running a campaign, the simple graphic with website address can advertise for the company.  Cost is low, and effective around the local region.  Is highly recommended for the company who possess their own company car, van, lorry and other vehicle.  An example of the companies that using this idea are pizza delivery, messenger services, radio station campaign, stationery delivery truck and etc...

Clarisound Wall Graphic Design - by Jet Creative Design

Wall Graphic

Wall Graphic can easily catch the viewer attention.  The purpose is to acquire their attention from far.  Is just as the same effect as a billboard, the differences is indoor and outdoor.  For those companies with a huge empty wall is an ideal good place to hold a wall graphic.  It can beautify the space, and it can make a very strong impact on the viewer.  Today, when you see one of the big companies, you will mostly see these type of wall graphic inside or outside their building.