Imanbaba is a Consultancy & Management company to help International business owner to register and get the Halal certification. The design need to be suit for multi races and not single sided for muslim only. Due to we have attend a Halal training before, we know what Halal is and how it flows.

First, we start from designing a logo, the logo it self hidden an alphabet of “I”, “b” & “H”, “I” and “b” represent “imanbaba”, and “H” represent “Halal”. And it was in the shape of 6 pointed start, which is represent Muslim strongest foundation.

Beside of designing the logo, we extend it to name card, indoor and outdoor signages & Website. The website will equip with different languages, currently is available for 2 languages which is English & Chinese. It is also a responsive website which can be fit with desktop computer and mobile friendly.