International Branding Positioning

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M.G. Ong is a bestselling author on, where his book "High Value Online Marketing Secrets for Small Business Owners" hit #1 in four different categories within Australia and America on Amazon’s bestseller list, an achievement that was featured on prominent media sites like International Business Times, Bloomberg as well as ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox news network local stations.

Mr. Ong is Principal Consultant of BizBuildUp Elevation Sdn Bhd, a digital branding and lead generation agency that specializes in helping SMEs get more business by building and promoting their credibility and reputation among their target audience. Along with his prior 20+ years of ICT consulting experience, Mr. Ong has served a number of businesses in North America, Europe, Australasia and Asia.

Having helped businesses market their products and services online since 2008, Mr. Ong offers a wealth of knowledge and experience on "game changer" strategies and technologies that can deliver rapid results to your business, including getting branded as an international world class business in 30 days.


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