Graphic Design Team

20+ Years Of Experience

Graphic Design TeamWe are a team of professionals in graphic design industry with more than 20 years of working experience. We are well equipped with all rounded skills and technique from sketch to digital.  With our knowledge and skills, we have successfully created brands, design and image for more than 100 companies in Malaysia. Specialise in design for company profile, web design, concept store, packaging design, corporate identity, social media ads & post, food menu, book cover, illustration, banner & bunting, promotional display material, exhibition booth, indoor and outdoor signage, flyers & leaflet and anything related to printed and digital design.

Malaysia is a unique industry where we have 3 major race with a completely different culture, language and religion. The design we create has to be always sensitive to their culture, requirements and needs. But also because of that, we can explore a more colourful and greater creativity in the design industry. We are a market player that understand the needs between the clients and consumers, with this advantage, we can create the design that suit all different level of people and industry.

With the rapid grow of internet users, online marketing has become a need to build up your business. With this, we are equipped with the digital knowledge and ready to work as a partner for our clients to reach the maximum results.